Dark Mark Scarf

Our friend Melissa went with us last November when we went to Universal Studios, Orlando. One of the things she bought for herself was Dark Mark tattoos. That’s when I found out that the Death Eaters are some of her favorite characters in Harry Potter.

My husband, kids, niece, sister and brother in law, my parents, myself, etc all have house scarves from Harry Potter. My friend Suzy made most of them.

The whole family wearing their house scarves
This was before I had realized that I could crochet. At the last minute we needed 5 more scarves. My friend was already scarfed out so I figured I might as well try my hand at crocheting. I texted my friend asking her what stitch she used, what size hook, and what yarn colors we had chosen. I went online and taught myself Tunisian simple stitch.

The start of my first scarf
My friend and travel buddy doesn’t have a Harry Potter scarf though! I asked her which house scarf she needed. She wanted Slytherin but won’t wear green. Hm…what was I to do? I decided to make her a Death Eater scarf instead!


I started by picking out yarn colors. I couldn’t do the dark mark in green because she really doesn’t like green. White seemed like a bad idea. So black and grey it was. Next I made up a graph of the pattern. If you are interested in how I made a Dark Mark scarf, here is the pattern.

Dark Mark Scarf

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