A Birthday Celebration: Dr. Who Plates

My husband is another year older. I won’t tell you how many years he’s been kicking around. Let’s just say he’s older than me. Every celebration seems to need it’s own special plates. Plus I had to change up my birthday gift for him at the last moment.

He really loves Dr. Who. Maybe someday he’ll come around here and give you his opinions about all the different Drs and the various companions. He even has plenty of opinions about which villains are scariest. (I won’t tell you which is his scariest villain but mine are the weeping angels. Shudder. Seriously. Childhood nightmares. I was always afraid that statues would move if I turned my back on them.)

For his birthday gift I made him a set of Dr Who plates.


Click here for instructions on making your own set of Dr Who plates.

It might not be fish fingers and custard but ribs and mashed potatoes with chocolate mousse for dessert is still pretty tasty. 

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