Happy May Day!

April showers brought May flowers! 

Ok fine, I planted them and my son has been watering them. But they add a nice pop of color and they’re getting bigger. I can’t wait until they fill in the planter! Marigolds are one of my favorite flowers. I think I would have planted all marigolds if there had been more at the store. 

4 thoughts on “Happy May Day!”

  1. I love marigolds!! I plant them from seed straight into the ground and they usually do really well! I love the way they start so small and spread out to fill up the whole space!! 😀

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    1. I’m not the world’s best gardener. I grow a lot of mint because it’s so sturdy. If I tried seeds they would probably laugh at me and refuse to germinate.

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      1. I had some leftover parsley seeds once so I just threw them in the front garden and I had a damn parsley forest!! They came back for about three years then just stopped. I should clarify – I plant a LOT of marigold seeds and about 50% survive to adulthood!! 😀

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