Twelve Blankets in Twelve Months: #7


I’ve switched from labeling my blankets with months to numbering them. This is blanket number 7. He is No Face from Spirited Away.

I was originally going to make a whole Studio Ghibli blanket for my daughter but instead decided to focus on No Face. No Face is her favorite character from all of their movies. I couldn’t get enough detail in the face in a smaller block.

This blanket was worked in mini c2c all in one piece. Usually I do smaller blocks and piece them together so this was a change for me.

Once it was done I had to decide how to border it and what color! I decided to make up a border pattern to replicate a gilt frame. That’s also how I chose the yarn color. Usually my borders use a color already in the piece. This border color is used only for the border.

If you would like to make your own No Face blanket, the pattern is available for free here.

These blankets have definitely been a labor of love. I still have several more to finish by the holidays! I’ve already made up the pattern for my next blanket. It will be worked in 4 large blocks and the first block is even done. I can’t wait to show you all that blanket once it’s finished and share the pattern!

3 thoughts on “Twelve Blankets in Twelve Months: #7”

  1. Wow this came out amazing!!! I just finished my first C2C graphgan and it was fun but tricky with the color changes. You must have had a billion bobbins with all of the color changes in this!! Great job – it must have been challenging to keep everything from getting tangle. 😀 😀 😀


    1. Thank you. I use clips for my bobbins and clip onto my work so I don’t have tangles. For the huge black section I just went off the skein. Graphgans are one of the most fun things that I make.

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      1. Clips are a great idea! Especially clipping them right to the blanket. Thanks for the tip!!! I really enjoyed making the one for hubby and I already have a few more planned. 😀

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