My favorite things

Below are a few of my favorite things and links to purchase them. Clicking on a photo will take you to a page where an item can be purchased.

Crochet Supplies

I love the Clover Amour hooks. One of the reasons I quit crocheting many years ago was because holding the skinny metal hooks made my hands and wrists hurt. When I recently used a Clover hook it reopened the world of crochet to me. These are my favorite hooks.



These are the stitch markers I’ve been using. When you need stitch markers there is no such thing as too many.



I love being able to clip my bobbins to my work when I’m using more than three colors in a project. Sometimes you need several large bobbins and other times you need small bobbins. I also use the small bobbins to protect my last stitch when I have to set my current project down.



Rotary cutters can be useful for when you back a blanket with fleece.



For now I only have a link to one yarn, the glow in the dark yarn I am going to be using for the Iron Giant’s eyes. As I upload the patterns, I will add links for the rest of the colors used. What’s more cool than glow in the dark yarn?!?!


Random Things

My son’s new favorite pen (because why not?)


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