The Real Story Behind a Valentine’s Feast: Part 1

This all starts at 6:50 AM as I’m taking my husband to his train. (His truck is parked elsewhere because of winter. That’s a whole other story)

Me: I don’t think we have time to pick up the truck on the way to your train.

Him: I think we do.

Me: Not if you have to park and walk to your train.

Him: Oh. You’re right. But how are you going to cook and pick me up at the same time?

Me: I’ll make it work. (I’m a mom. It’s what we do. Like when you have to pick 4 kids up from 4 different schools at the exact same time)

So now it’s 9:30 AM. One batch of heart shaped brownies just came out of the oven. I had to guess at the baking time. For some reason the box didn’t have a baking time for heart shaped molds. Go figure. And yup! I used a boxed mix instead of from scratch. 🤷‍♀️

Heart shaped brownies in red silicone pan

You’ll notice on the counter a package of bamboo skewers and some chopsticks. That’s what I found first when looking for toothpicks to test them. (No. I have no idea why I even took the chopsticks down. It’s early. I’m not a morning person)

Tip: when trying to get batter into cupcake molds etc, use a scoop.

Valentine’s Day

Life has been a bit busy lately so there was a bit of a delay for my Valentine’s Day celebration post.


For our centerpiece I used the two Valentine’s gift bags that I put together for the two children still living in my house. If you can have baskets for Easter, why not gift bags for Valentine’s Day? Plus it gave me a chance to spoil them with gifts other than heart shaped boxes of candy that they don’t particularly like.

For our meal I made one of my husband’s favorites; flank steak on garlic toast.


For dessert I decided to make something special and Harry Potter themed. I created a bread pudding with a Firewhisky sauce. Everyone enjoyed that so much that I’ve already had to make it again since Valentine’s Day! My bread pudding recipe was raisin free by request of my family but if you decide to make it, feel free to add raisins or dried cherries.